Nation of Islam’s Wesley Muhammad calls COVID-19 Punishment for “Sins” of Jews, Israel

(source: Nation of Islam website) On January 10, 2021, Nation of Islam (NOI) Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad provided the latest example in the group’s long history of virulent antisemitism. Muhammad delivered a two-hour sermon, broadcast live from NOI’s national headquarters in Chicago, in which he explicitly and repeatedly blamed Jews and Israel for the coronavirus pandemic. As of January 14, his sermon, titled “Beyond

Racist, Extremist, Antisemitic Conspiracies Surround Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, extremists across the ideological spectrum have used the virus as a platform for elaborate and alarming conspiracy theories. In March and April 2020, antisemitic, anti-government and Sinophobic conspiracies about the virus’s origins and “true purpose” were rampant online. In December 2020, as the COVID-19 vaccine was being shipped to frontline workers across the country, very

ADL Honors Scott Biondo with 2020 Distinguished Service Award

In 2017, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis hired a community security director following a year of bomb threats against Jewish institutions and in particular, the vandalism at Chesed Shel Emeth. The professional they hired was Scott Biondo. A longtime security consultant, ADL was very familiar with Scott’s work. He was the right choice at the right time. On December

Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era

Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era is a comprehensive resource with historical context, fact-based descriptions of prevalent antisemitic myths, contemporary examples and calls-to-action for addressing this hate. VIEW GUIDE Introduction Definition of Antisemitism Antisemitism in History: Antisemitism in Global History Antisemitism in American History Antisemitic Myths: Jews have too much power Jews are disloyal Jews