All sessions are from 5:30 – 6:45 pm

2021 VGLI Program Schedule

*Session I: GLI Orientation (January 20)
Getting to Know You (with apologies to The King and I)

*Session II: Education (February 10)
Together we will make “A World of Difference”

*Session III: Extremism (March 3)
Haters with Tattoos and Haters in Suits

*Session IV: Civil Rights and Advocacy (March 24)
Securing Justice and Fair Treatment for All

Session V: Antisemitism (April 14)
How did we get here?

Session VI: International Affairs (May 5)
Antisemitism Abroad

*National Leadership Summit (TBD)
Virtual or in Washington, DC

Session VII: Cyberhate (June 2)
Cyberhate: coming to a social media platform near you

Session VIII: Law Enforcement (June 30)
ADL and Law Enforcement: A Necessary Partnership

Session IX: Graduation (July 21)
Reflections and Next Steps

*Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will hold the first four sessions virtually, and meet in person after evaluation before the April session to ensure the safety of all participants.