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Religion as a Political Litmus Test? Flibbertigibbet!

By Evan Williams In nearly every cheesy political drama, there is a charismatic individual who, after much contemplation and, sometimes, a traumatic event, decides to run for office. When they do so, it seems like a team of public relations specialists appear from thin air, prodding said private-citizen-turned-public-figure with questions. The first is obvious: do you have any scandals, any

Planning Ahead for December 2014

CIVIL RIGHTS: RELIGIOUS FREEDOM The December Dilemma: Teaching About Religious Holidays Introduction Update January 2014:  Every major Jewish holiday in 2014 will be on a weekday with the exception of Yom Kippur.  Anticipating the needs of students and educators who wish to observe is something to consider now. Every December, public school students, parents, teachers and administrators face the difficult