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Combating Racism With Empathy

The lowest low was when I was in the Missouri History Museum and the Chief of Police from Charlack was there and he used the phrasing “rioting” versus “protesting” about the events of the first night when the gas station was set on fire and looted. And the audience, a lot of people in the audience, they lit him up.

ADL and the Summer of 2017: A Learning Opportunity

ALIEU B. SANNEH GRADUATE STUDENT, University of Missouri-St. Louis August 9, 2017 Comparing the differences between race in the United States and ethnicity in the Gambia. Race and racial policies is a hot topic of discussion in the United States. Like many other challenges this country faces, race stands out as one the most polarizing aspects and continues to raise

Echoes and Reflections — ADL Educators Move from Sympathy to Empathy

  Tabari Coleman and Esther Hurh Tabari Coleman (left) is the Project Director for the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute for the Missouri and Southern Illinois regional office of the Anti Defamation League. In addition to providing Echoes and Reflections professional development for his region, he implements anti-bias and inclusion training workshops for schools, community organizations and businesses. Tabari sits