St. Louis Artworks and ADL — Building Community

  • July 9, 2015

This summer, ADL’s  A World of Difference® Institute partnered with the National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St. Louis to work with student apprentices from St. Louis Artworks. For the last three years the Institute has teamed up to provide training workshops for Artworks apprentices as part of their learning experience.  Topics covered included anti bullying issues, religious diversity, anti bias learning and oppression. From those sessions the apprentices created art projects that reflected their learning.

This year the Institute and NCCJSTL, in addition to the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) participated in a new Artworks project. In light of ongoing activity in the region and around the country addressing community relations, human relations, bias and oppression, the Institute staff focused three training sessions on understanding what is “Community”.

Community: Global, Regional, Local and Social

How do we define community? What are your responsibilities to those communities? Why do you belong to certain communities? What do you get from being a part of different communities?

After events in Ferguson, Baltimore, South Carolina, Nepal, and Myanmar, the project engaged the apprentices to consider how they define community and what their roles are in those communities.  The final products are four special greeting cards, two of which are pictured below.  It was difficult to choose from all those submitted, but the four were selected to use as conversation starters, icebreakers, or small group reflection tools. The cards have been specially commissioned just for ADL and NCCJSTL and will be printed in color for our use.

Just one unique way of accomplishing our goals of creating friends, finding allies and building community.