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What Does It Mean To Be No Place For Hate?

Over the last year in particular, ADL has seen an increase in reporting on bullying and bias behavior in the classroom and school sports.  No Place For Hate gives schools a formal structure in which to create a  community where respect and acceptance is the norm. What makes a good structure? First you need  leadership in the school —  a

St. Peters store stops selling Holocaust-style patches

By Eric Berger, Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018  A St. Peters gun store has stopped selling yellow star patches like the ones Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Instead of “Jude,” the patches say “Gun Owner.” The idea behind the product is the belief that gun owners are persecuted in the United States. The owner

Getting Rid of Structural Racism–Again By Karen Aroesty  September 29, 2017  St. Louis Post-Dispatch When Michael Brown was killed in August 2014, I wrote in this paper calling for reform in the structures that exist to create inequities and disparate outcomes for black and white people, particularly as it related to policing and community. I wrote that the structure of racism exists even when

Webster Students Talk Protests, Education and Change — with ADL WEBSTER GROVES, MO. – As the unrest in St. Louis got underway last week, some students at Webster High School were learning about social justice.  The students were working with instructors from the Anti-Defamation League to become peer leaders. As peer leaders, students learn about social justice issues through training designed to address issues students face each day in their

Private schools like MICDS freer to punish over social media

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch September 5, 2017 An independent school’s plans to discipline a group of students who exchanged racial and sexual slurs in leaked private Snapchat messages have raised issues of digital privacy and questions about how much schools can regulate student social media use. But private schools have ample right to discipline students in such cases when student actions