St. Louis, April 14, 2017 ….The Anti-Defamation League, Missouri/Southern Illinois joined today with Americans United for Separation of Church and State St. Louis Chapter to express profound disappointment at Governor Greitens’ recent directive to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources allowing religious organizations to apply for and receive DNR grants. On the eve of oral argument before the US Supreme

Police Commanders Learn Breadth of Counter-Terrorism Work In Israel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   REGIONAL POLICE COMMANDERS LEARN BREADTH OF COUNTER-TERRORISM WORK FROM ISRAEL POLICE St. Louis, MO, April 14, 2017 … Police executives from six regional police departments recently returned from an educational expedition to study counter-terrorism efforts in Israel. They were participants in the first Western States/St. Louis Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel with police colleagues from California, Nevada and

Anti-Semitic Voicemail Left At Washington University In St. Louis Library

In a continuing spate of incidents using spoofing technology, the following reported last week, the second in the past months targeting individuals in the St. Louis region: Reprinted in part from The Huffington Post, April 7, 2017 Campus police at Washington University in St. Louis alerted local and federal authorities last month after an unnerving, anti-Semitic voicemail was left for

Anti-Semites Celebrate When Jews Are Targeted

In light of bomb threats aimed at Jewish institutions, anti-Semitic fliers posted at campuses, the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, and the lashing out at a Jewish reporter by President Trump, anti-Semites are having a field day.  Each time a Jewish person or institution is targeted, anti-Semites believe they are winning the battle against what they allege