Hate Crime Victims Not Alone In Suffering

March 27, 2018  Springfield News-Leader The remarkable nature of hate crime violence is its ability to hit hard on the intended victim and spread a nasty message to so many. Given the speed with which photos and information travel, an incident in Springfield, Missouri resonates far beyond. The community capacity to support victims at home, however, and lift up a

Missouri Experts Respond to Hate Report

By CHARLIE CLARKE • MAR 5, 2018  KBIA Radio  All Things Considered The Southern Poverty Law Center released its 2017: The Year in Hate and Extremism report, and the number of hate groups in Missouri went down from 24 to 18. Experts I spoke with said that the decrease in hate groups doesn’t necessarily signify a decrease in hate. “Sometimes those numbers

A Rising Climate of Incivility: St. Louis Jewish Light

JEWISH LIGHT EDITORIAL | No one should be surprised at the latest report from the Anti-Defamation League that incidents of anti-Semitism surged last year. And no one should take the report lightly. According to figures released last week by the ADL (, 2017 showed the largest single-year increase in anti-Semitic incidents on record, a jump of 57 percent. And the actual

Threats to Houses of Worship and Faith Based Events Topic of Training

February 13, ADL Heartland was pleased to assist in convening Jewish community institutions for a discussion on current security threats, assessing those threats, structural approaches, membership education and law enforcement liaisons. The North County Police Cooperative together with the Missouri State Highway Patrol – Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) presented Threats to Worship:  A Risk Assessment for Houses of Worship and Faith-Based

What Does It Mean To Be No Place For Hate?

Over the last year in particular, ADL has seen an increase in reporting on bullying and bias behavior in the classroom and school sports.  No Place For Hate gives schools a formal structure in which to create a  community where respect and acceptance is the norm. What makes a good structure? First you need  leadership in the school —  a