ADL, Law Enforcement and Continuing Education

The Anti-Defamation League has unique opportunities to train federal, state and local law enforcement on a wide range of topics from domestic and international terrorism, operational response to counter-terrorism, balancing religious freedom with national security and current issues with hate crime and bias incidents.  This December we continued our work with the Office of the US Attorney for Eastern Missouri

Delmar Divide Becomes Newest Tool in ADL Anti-Bias Toolkit

Last year, a BBC documentary created a remarkable opportunity to address divisions in the region around race, economic privilege, and St. Louis history. Many years now a partner with the Missouri History Museum, the ADL’s  A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute created a community-building curriculum using the documentary as a focal point for discussion.  Literally hundreds of small dialogue and community groups

A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute presents at Missouri School Counselors Association Annual Meeting

The Fall 2013 annual conference of the Missouri School Counselors Association is meeting in Branson this past weekend, November 3-5.  The theme, “School Counselors: At the Core of Leadership”, leadership in schools, communities, organizations, and the world.  We are pleased to be an exhibitor this year.  The association was founded in 1948 and serves more than 1600 members across the State.  Working with school counselors

South Nodaway High School Joins No Place For Hate

Monday, October 7, Tabari Coleman, Missouri/Southern Illinois Project Director of ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute participated in the annual Diversity Week for South Nodaway High School.  For more details, check out the Nodaway News Leader link below.  We are particularly glad that South Nodaway will join our roster of participating No Place For Hate schools.    Barnard may not

ADL Celebrates Centennial and Looks Back at Regional History

A look at ADL’s history in St. Louis By David Baugher Anti-Defamation League – Missouri/S. Illinois At a 1978 event held by the Missouri Advisory Board of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith are (from left) Detective Daniel J. Duffy, police honoree; Col. Eugene Camp, St. Louis chief of police; Alfred Fleishman, ADL board member and master of ceremonies; Donald