What Can You Do to Fight Good Fight With ADL?

  • January 10, 2016

Pro-choice. Pro-immigration. Pro-LGBTQ equality. Staunch advocates for separation of church and state. Providers of anti-bias education to early childhood centers, elementary-high school students, university campuses, parents, teachers, businesses and law enforcement. We exist to stop hate crimes before they happen and advocate for the victims of hate crime after they occur. Please give your time, your charity, and your heart. Our region’s overhead goes almost entirely to direct program service (and paper clips).

To Do Now:

Opt into our blog at blog.adl.org — information is your friend.

Bring No Place For Hate into your school community. More information is available on this site.

DONATE!  The more dollars we raise, the more work we can accomplish.  No donation too small or too large.

Host a parlor meeting about any topic on the ADL agenda, from education to legislative advocacy to extremism.  Contact Tasha Kaminsky, tkaminsky@adl.org, for more information.