Delmar Divide Becomes Newest Tool in ADL Anti-Bias Toolkit

  • November 18, 2013

Last year, a BBC documentary created a remarkable opportunity to address divisions in the region around race, economic privilege, and St. Louis history.

Many years now a partner with the Missouri History Museum, the ADL’s  A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute created a community-building curriculum using the documentary as a focal point for discussion.  Literally hundreds of small dialogue and community groups are now using the Delmar Divide to better understand division in the community and establish opportunities for problem-solving at the grassroots level.  The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, the ADL and the Missouri History Museum have collaborated on St. Louis Soup Across the Delmar Divide, a new way to identify and fund small community projects that will address the issue of division on any number of levels.  For more information, contact the office at 314-721-1270.  (Franz Strasser, 2012)