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Law Enforcement Training

  • September 25, 2013

ADL offers varied learning opportunities for law enforcement professionals including presentations on hate crime and extremism. The Heartland office of ADL has a long track record of working effectively with law enforcement to combat extremists and the threat they pose to American security. The office maintains an ongoing liaison with law enforcement agencies and has also assisted Missouri, Eastern Kansas and Southern Illinois departments, as well as the federal government, in developing hate crime training curriculum and internal policies for  agencies and educational institutions.

Key programs include:

  • Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust
    Presented with the St. Louis Holocaust Museum, this is a 4-hour POST certified program for regional police.  Since it’s beginning in 2005, the program has engaged more than 4000 officers in the history of the Holocaust and how police core values influence their profession in an increasingly diverse society.
  • US Attorney’s Hate Crimes Task Force
    The idea to develop a regional response to hate crimes and bias incidents grew out of the St. Louis 2004 Living Together in Community Task Force. The Task Force now has more than 90 representatives of agencies engaged in decreasing racism, bias, bigotry and discrimination and promoting diversity and inclusion. The Task Force goal is to make St. Louis a zero tolerance community in response to acts of bias, bigotry, racism, oppression and discrimination. To achieve this goal, the Task Force outlined five specific objectives and developed complementary program initiatives. The resulting programs include the Hate Crimes Task Force, law enforcement training, education and outreach efforts, and a regional media campaign. ADL staffs the work of the Task Force led by the US Attorneys for the Eastern District of Missouri and Southern District of Illinois.
  • MIB4LE (Managing Implicit Bias for Law Enforcement)                                                         A new learning program from ADL’s education platform, MIB4LE offers POST approved 4 hour and 8 hour anti-bias programs for law enforcement.  This is offered, differently than other programs for law enforcement, on a fee-for-service schedule.  For more information, contact Tabari Coleman at