Glass Leadership Institute

  • June 13, 2018

NOTE:  Due to meeting restrictions for COVID-19, the 2020 Glass Leadership Institute went virtual. Included was the National Leadership Summit, which instead of bringing together 700 participants in Washington, DC, brought them together through Zoom. For a brief overview:


ADL’s Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) was founded to energize a new generation of activists dedicated to ADL’s mission, “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment for all.” GLI is the cornerstone leadership development program for ADL, empowering new leaders to fight hate and bigotry in their own communities and providing unique opportunities to explore ADL’s mission.  ADL Heartland joins regional offices across the US to create a nationwide network of young, dynamic leaders.

The Mission
The goal of GLI is to provide broad exposure to ADL programs and resources, and to create a cadre of young professionals to adopt regional and national leadership positions within ADL and the region at large. Participants gain first-hand exposure to ADL activities and interests including:

  • Combating hate, bigotry and prejudice
  • Defending civil rights
  • International affairs and immigration
  • Protecting religious freedom
  • Teaching about diversity and cultural understanding
  • Fighting anti-Semitism
  • Understanding domestic extremism and hate crime

What We Do
The Institute addresses front-page issues on the ADL agenda. Top experts lead in-depth discussions at monthly sessions. The year is highlighted by participation at the Shana Amy Glass National Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, to engage in high-level briefings with top government officials and decision makers.  GLI leaders also take part in advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill.

Who are GLI Participants?
Participants are specially selected individuals interested in learning about ADL’s mission, chosen for demonstrated leadership qualities as well as their interest in, and commitment to, social and political justice. Leaders of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Glass participants are expected to attend all monthly meetings (January- September) as well as the National Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. [Due to COVID-19, all in-person meetings and events for 2020 have been cancelled. The current GLI cohort will continue through 2020 and we will update on the 2021 schedule in November]

Glass Leadership Institute Requirements:

  1. Regular attendance at the monthly session. (January-September). Monthly gatherings serve to educate participants, build relationships and open personal thinking about community engagement on the topic of that session.
  2. Participants are expected to attend the National Leadership Summit. 550+ guests across the country attend (with registration and hotel costs covered by ADL for those who have attended the minimum number of sessions throughout the year). The Summit convenes Board members, Institute participants and ADL staff for 3 days of workshops, meetings and lobbying on Capitol Hill. Participants only need cover the cost of airfare to DC. [As of May 2020, we anticipate this meeting will occur again in June, 2021]
  3. Participants must make a tax-deductible contribution of at least $250 to ADL. The donation can be made at one time or in installments over a ten-month period. All other expenses, including dinner for each session, program materials, and relevant fees are covered by the program.

Opportunities for Further Engagement with ADL:

GLI leaders are encouraged to attend other ADL meetings and events (including regional board meetings). These are opportunities to deepen knowledge of how the agency functions. They are crucial to the development of ADL leaders, providing participants with an venues to meet ADL senior leadership, and allowing participants to find their niche in the organization.

Prior to acceptance to the program, ADL may use application information to conduct a background check.

The 2020 Cohort has moved to virtual sessions with the shelter-in-place orders under COVID-19. Status on the 2021 program is to be determined. For more information, write to

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