The ADL’s Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) is intended to introduce leaders to the important work of the ADL and the full range of issues on the ADL agenda. The Institute seeks to build a diverse base of leaders who, being knowledgeable about the organization’s work and committed to ensuring the vitality of the organization, can be effective advocates for ADL in the future.

ADL leaders share three common characteristics: 1) They have a broad understanding of ADL and commitment to its mission, 2) They possess a willingness to act for ADL Heartland, and 3) They are consistent and meaningful financial supporters of the organization and its programs. Participants are asked to make a $250 tax deductible contribution to support the work of the agency before the end of calendar year 2021 (This can be done in 10 monthly installments of $25).

GLI participants will learn about ADL’s resources and programs in the following areas:

  • Anti-Semitism: What it is and how ADL responds locally and globally
  • Civil rights priorities and challenges
  • Why anti-bias learning is valuable and crucial to building community
  • Extremism, online and in the Heartland
  • Why law enforcement is an important and necessary partnership for ADL

Program Details & Requirements:

  • In 2021, the program encompasses 9 session between January and July. GLI participants must attend a minimum of six of these meetings in order to graduate from the program. The first four are virtual on Zoom. The remaining programs will be in person after public health evaluations determine all participants can be safe.
  • Participants should attend the Shana Amy Glass National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. This conference has been a highlight for many participants. If the program is virtual, it will be easy to do from home. If it is in person, GLI participants are responsible for airfare. Otherwise, the registration fee, hotel and meals will be paid for by ADL and the Staenberg Fellowship Fund. We are grateful to the generosity of Michael and Carol Staenberg.

ADL Meetings and Events:

In addition to attendance at scheduled sessions, participants are encouraged to attend ADL Board and committee meetings as observers. Attendance for these and other Fighting Hate From Home programs will equip participants with knowledge of how the agency functions.

ADL leadership accomplish work through the Regional Advisory Board Committees primarily in four topic areas; additional engagement occurs through events and community partnerships such as the US Attorneys Hate Crimes Task Force, the Hispanic Leaders Group and the Interfaith Partnership. In 2020 we started a new partnership with the Urban League, called Our Time, Our Vote – that will be a GLI project in 2021.

Culmination of the Program:

Upon graduation from the GLI program, participants who have demonstrated their commitment to ADL, have an applicable skill set and the necessary time availability will be asked to serve on the ADL Board, Board committee or participate in an annual project or ongoing program.

The Staenberg Fellows

GLI graduates can continue with the Staenberg Fellowship. Funded by the Staenberg Family Foundation, the Fellowship was developed particularly with the Glass Institute in mind, to continue developing the future leadership of ADL Heartland. Activists in the community can have a hands-on experience that has infinite influence on education, community relationships, public policy, and security. It begins with those who are willing and committed to taking the reins and becoming the ADL advocates of the future. Through additional interactive programming, and through hands-on project-based work, the Staenberg Fellows will be those advocates. Staenberg Fellows have represented ADL at community meetings, presented unique movie festivals, attended the US Attorneys Hate Crimes Task Force, participated in interfaith dialogue, hosted parlor meetings at their homes on ADL issues, and created program outreach for the A World of Difference® Institute. Fellows serve on the Regional Advisory Board. New project opportunities can be created as Fellows desire.