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The Power of Symbols

Today, I woke up to two images on my facebook newsfeed of anti-Semitic graffiti. The first was on the gravestone of a family with the last name of, “Gladstein,” and a prominent Star of David below. Spray- painted over the family’s name and the star were the words, “F***ing Jews.” A few hours later, both of my Rabbis had posted an

The Future of Fighting Hate — St. Louis teens become advocates for social justice

‘A Life-Changing Experience’ Turns Teens Into Advocates For Social Justice. January 22, 2016 The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, hit Rhoda Kahn Nussbaum hard. “I felt very defeated,” said the ADL St. Louis resident and longtime civil rights advocate. “I saw progress in civil rights either plateauing or slipping.” Ms. Nussbaum felt she needed to do something to jump-start the

Echoes and Reflections — ADL Educators Move from Sympathy to Empathy

  Tabari Coleman and Esther Hurh Tabari Coleman (left) is the Project Director for the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute for the Missouri and Southern Illinois regional office of the Anti Defamation League. In addition to providing Echoes and Reflections professional development for his region, he implements anti-bias and inclusion training workshops for schools, community organizations and businesses. Tabari sits